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In a few minutes from the centre there is an uncontaminated place, where nature can give us a spectacle of a rare and wild beauty.

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From Pontremoli (A 15 motorway tollbooth) you have to go towards Zeri, after the first curves and the motorway piers, you take the road on the left towards Cavezzana Gordana.
After some houses you always continue downhill as far as the curve where it starts a dirt road which go down on the right. From here in 2 – 3 minutes you reach a chain which forbids the cars transit. Leaving the car you reach the entrance of the gorges of Stretti di Giaredo in 10 minutes on foot, going up the Gordana Stream. The transit, through the dirt road, beyond the chain, is forbidden, because there is a private property. Going up the stream we recommend prudency because of the slippery land. In the place there are informative panels and from the motorway tollbooth you can see brown touristic signs.

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